Super Star or Sitorai Benazir with General Director and its founder of it engineer Reza Ataie and his activities in this place.

Expert engineer for grooving cut flowers and vegetables in greenhouses.

Drawing building and taking care of this kind green house.

Land shaft and design for a green space.

Building full automatic gardens and taking care of them.

Fertilizing and feeding plans specialist.

Expo organization of flower and plants.

Commercial flowers, plants and trees in Europe countries, Middle Asia and Middle East.

 We are group member of Iran’s flower and plants.

Representative of dozens companies in countries like Iran, Holland, Germany, Turkish and e.t.d.

 Importer of seeds, plants, syntactic and hydroponic fertilization, all the needs of greenhouse and bed growing. 

Super Star Company in past was working as an expert in Korofarin and Hofiz insurance companies and also teaching engineer experts and sometimes was responsible for representing country from engineering system teachers.

This company is from 2001 had his activities with experts in building hydroponic greenhouses and start preparing and correcting them in countries like Iran and rely on new smart technological and making technical work and taking big step in the right development had been created and from 2010 they opened the other branch in country of Tajikistan.

We are really happy that under supervisor of expert creation company like Super Star in highest income and in the shorts time could achieve economical progress.

For example progress of cut flower like a rose got good title for producing in 2007, 2009 and 2010.

This company was getting good service for scientific knowledge in experience for working in each of the newest place in the world.


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